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Natural Waters

From the purest places on the planet

Wonderful water for every occasion

If you think bottling Natural Waters is a relatively new phenomenon, think again. The Holy Well in Malvern in the UK is home to the world’s oldest bottling plant. It first began operations way back in 1621 Fast forward 400 years and our appreciation and understanding of Natural Waters is more comprehensive than ever.

In fact, we now know that every single natural source of water has its own distinct characteristics, taste and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). These characteristics make different Natural Waters ideal for different purposes. So, why are so many people within the mindful consumption movement now spending time to choose the right water for every occasion?

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Making a big splash with diners

A seemingly simple glass of Natural Waters holds an array of flavours collected from millions of years of environmental and geological influences. For this reason, Natural Waters have many uses from simple hydration to complementing a healthy lifestyle to enhancing fine dining to brewing the perfect tea. Indeed, when dining out, our choice of water is as important as our choice of fine wine. What we drink with dinner can be the difference between a mediocre meal and an exceptional culinary experience. Purified water, for example, won’t dazzle the palate or bring out the best in food, as its natural tones and notes of flavour have been filtered out, leaving an unrefreshing, uninspired and overpriced glass of tap water. The gentle taste of low mineral natural water, however, offers the perfect balance for acidic foods such as vinegar dressings and citrus flavours.

From the purest places on the planet

This is why we’ve added Natural Waters to our portfolio of the very best 0% premium products on the planet. We know our customers want nothing to interfere with their dining experience, as zero disappointments mean a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Our Natural Waters don’t get their good name for nothing. We only select those with a sparkling reputation, coming from the purest water sources on the planet. This means taste that can’t be matched and explains why our selection is drunk in fine restaurants, hotels, and even royal palaces worldwide.

if you want zero compromise when it comes to a dazzling dining experience, choose the world’s most wonderful waters.

Natural Waters Selection