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0% Alcohol



Uwe is German. Brewed with masterful craftsmanship within the „German Reinheitsgebot” from 1516. Unlike many producers out there, Uwe is not made by taking the alcohol out.

Instead, it uses a self-developed special organic yeast that stops the fermentation by itself when the brew reaches an alcohol level around 0,3% alcohol.

Instead of taking the alcohol and flavour out, Uwe beers manage to preserve the original flavour. Only Uwe’s brewmaster knows how to make Uwe

He goes by the name of Ludwig. He comes from a family of brewers, and is a true pioneer of alcohol free beer. Uwe is his alcohol free master piece. Enjoy the very first craft beer brand in Germany to only release non-alcoholic beers. Brewed with the same passion that other brewers reserved for alcoholic beers.