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0% Sugar

The sweetest alternatives

The sour side of sugar

The data is undeniable. An increasing number of people in the mindful consumption movement are cutting their sugar intake. In the US, for example, research by Reuters/Ipsos showed 58% of Americans are trying to limit sugar in their diets. Of course, the world’s known about sugar’s sour side for quite some time.

Even way back in 1633, it was noted in The Diet of the Diseased as a condiment that “rotteth the teeth” and causes “a loathsome stinking breath.” But that’s not all. There are plenty more reasons to put a stop to sugar eating.

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Why the world’s sweet on sugar alternatives

It’s long been known that sugar is empty calories, which can cause weight gain, premature ageing, and heart problems, and raise your blood pressure. What’s more, the white stuff is addictive: it creates dopamine, which hits the reward centre of our brain and gives us a hit of pleasure. Happily, here at 0%, we’ve sourced the world’s finest range of 0% sugar products to help you kick the habit. Sugar alternatives offer a sweeter taste than granulated sugar, keep teeth strong, and waistlines slim, and we’ve got the best of the bunch. So let’s take a closer look at Xylitol, Erythritol, and Stevia.

The sweetest alternatives

Not every sugar alternative is born equal. That’s why at 0%, we’ve chosen three of the very best sugar alternatives available. First up is Xylitol, which offers the same sweet taste as conventional sugar but gives our teeth the star treatment. You’ll also find Erythritol in our portfolio.

This naturally occurring alternative also prevents tooth decay, keeps us in good shape and won’t cause a spike in blood sugar. Stevia is another naturally occurring substitute that packs a punch in the taste department, thanks to being 200 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar. It also helps lower blood pressure and curb obesity.

Just like the rest of our product range, 0% Sugar shows that less is more when it comes to healthy eating. So, join the 0% movement and see why nought is a no- brainer.

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