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0% Dairy

Say ciao to cow

Dairy free milk makes its mark

There was a time not so long ago when dairy alternatives were fringe products onlyused by vegans. Not anymore. Currently, in UK, over 10% of Pret a Manger’s hot drinks are ordered with non-dairy alternatives to milk, while in the US, nearly half of all shoppers add plant milk to their baskets.

It’s no surprise then, that here at 0%, you’ll find the world’s tastiest range of premium 0% dairy products. But what is it about 0% dairy that so appeals to people in the mindful consumption movement?

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The planet says thanks

For a start, animal agriculture has hit the spotlight in recent years. Incredibly, this sector contributes more to greenhouse gases than shipping, aviation and road travel combined. This astonishing stat was backed up recently by research from Oxford University, which showed that going vegan is the single most effective thing you can do to reduce your environmental footprint. It’s beyond doubt that the planet says thank you when you go dairy free. Then there’s the taste sensation. Due to increasingly sophisticated production techniques, there’s a growing range of mouthwatering plant based options. At 0%, our mission is to find the very best of these, no matter how long it takes.

Say ciao to cow

Thanks to documentaries such as Cowspiracy, people are also increasingly concerned about animal welfare in the dairy industry. Add a growing passion for clean eating, the advocates of which frown upon any foods deemed overly processed, allergenic or otherwise “unnatural”, and it’s easy to see why our 0% Dairy range is so important to the mindful consumption movement.

At 0%, we believe nothing is better than nothing. That’s why we’re constantly scouring the globe for the very best premium brands to join our 0% Dairy portfolio. Whether it’s almond, oat, rice, or macadamia nut milk, we’ve got something for every taste.

So, join the movement and help us show why nada isn’t harder.

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